Over the past 6 years I have worked on a wide range of multi-disciplinary engineering projects. Below is a collection of nonsensitive commercial and personal projects that best showcase my electronic design skills.​

I am currently working on a large channel count, high-speed data acquisition system for a propulsion research company, under a project funded by the European Space Agency. Final assembly of the system is currently underway - pictures to follow!

High Altitude Balloon Tracker

An advertising company required raw footage of a product in a near space environment. I developed a bespoke electronic tracking and control solution for a high altitude balloon payload. I also designed the mechanical camera mounting system, and carried out the balloon launch.

Iridium Enabled GPS Tracker

A startup in the space sector required a low cost solution for asset tracking that had truly global coverage and a small form factor. This project saw the design, build and test of an Iridium enabled GPS tracker on a tight schedule of just 4 weeks.

Solenoid Valve Control System

A propulsion research company required a robust, failsafe electronic control system in a field deployable form factor to remotely control valves. A resilient solution to this problem was developed including custom electronic hardware and supporting software to allow control from a laptop.


LED Array Control System

A high speed embedded system was required to  control a prototype POV LED display. A solution was developed compromising both a PC side software package along with the high speed electronic hardware and firmware required to interface with and control the LED array.

RF Frequency Reference

A configurable, low-jitter, frequency reference was required for a project. With no low-cost  solutions on the market, I designed and manufactured a GPSDO with a programmable frequency output.

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